Sunday, August 29

The Outcast of The Colony.

This rarely happens, but I was in the mood to go walking around my neighbourhood early in the morning. So I  brought my camera along and explored the park playground for anything nice to capture.This is a macro shot of a red ant (very frisky...and it bites hard.) on a tree. Of course the morning joggers kept on looking at me thinking what the heck is this kid doing near the tree. (yes, the red ant was on the tree, facing downwards the tree roots.) This lucky ant kept on crawling but I managed to snap a shot of em' stopping by in front of me for a second (the colony kept on crawling back and fourth the bottom and top of the tree.) 

I think he was flattered I caught em'. :D 


  1. Amazing shot!
    Beautiful red creature!
    Same goes for Mr. D..beautiful!
    Keep them coming!

  2. Hey there :) Thank you so much, I really appreciate you stopping by and your comment! will do, hope you can catch up on my updates :D :D


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