Sunday, September 19

About Last Night.

This is during our (Nadine & I) private photoshoot in The Sabah Museum. Unfortunately they didn't allow me to take pictures in the museum itself, but fortunately for us we were able to do so in the Museum Toilet! lol So yeah, this was shot in the toilet, the lighting itself is very good and all clothes & Jewelry belongs to Nadine & I. Don't worry, the cigarette is a mere prop :)


  1. WHAT YOU TOOK THIS? omgggg this is suchhh a gorgeous shot! mashallah you have some seriously raw talent! And your friend is a beautifull model, mashallah!!

  2. lol whoa thank you so much! :D :D Yes, she's a part time model(usually for me lol) and I'm constantly trying to improve my photography even if i do admit I like some of my work...(which is bad for me because I really do want to improve and not stop learning). thank you so much again for stopping by and Salam! :D :D


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