Tuesday, September 21

Follow the Beat.

This is the best sculpture I've seen in the Experience Music Project Museum. All the guitars that ever existed are attached together with metal wires to form a two storey sculpture, which is the only thing that really mesmerized me (other than a whole area where you can try on all musical instruments including a vocal studio teehehe)  Basically, the whole museum is about music, from the history of musical instruments, the musical legends, and a whole hall of grapically designed lights that follows the beat of music where you can stand and enjoy the musical motion. Taken in Seattle, Washington,USA.


  1. what can i say.. foto sini cantik & kreatif. nda bleh ckp lain dr tu suda, mmg best.. teruskn update ya, sbb aku slalu ikuti karya terbaru d sini :)


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