Saturday, September 4

The Garden Session : One the Lookout.

After I finished hanging the clothes and watering the plants, I went out to my mom's garden with my camera in the evening. It rained lightly at that time and I was busy taking picures of water droplets on leaves without any care for my lens (bad, I know). Things didn't go as smoothly because of the rain , my cats (for constantly harassing me for food) and my thirst because of my fast this Holy month of Ramadhan (for muslims) but thankfully the weather wasn't as hot. I almost wanted to stop taking pictures and go straight to bed when I came across this tiny little bugger. I don't know if its another species of mosquitoes but they're very shiny and pretty. lol

Managed to get some good shots of em (there were 2 actually). when one flew away another one was left to stay :p and when both flew away, I got all the pictures that made my day (yes I purposely rhyme my words.) Enjoy! :)


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