Wednesday, October 6

Bear With Me, Please.

I was driving on the highway, which is just beside the ocean, I always wanted to walk on the other road. But time and current problems was constantly buzzing in my mind. And eventually I'd just drive off  feeling...suffocated with all the life routines.

 But then one day, I suddenly stopped at the side of the highway, ignoring the passer bys looking at a girl with a camera (who looks kinda a mess with all the wind blowing and her skirts whisking to and fro) and look around. I never even planned for a private outing. I just stopped at the side,and get out of the car.

I was surprised to find many beautiful stones, carvings, graffiti and was even surprised to witness such oceanic beauty I've ignored even if I've passed by it everyday!

It blows my mind... and I couldn't resist to walk about a mile away from my car. There were some men fishing, despite the hot weather. And I know for a fact, that they wouldn't miss the opportunity to let this amazing place to go unvisited and just enjoy life. Seems the other way around on the other side, when all the cars pass by.

Sometimes, we tend to forget the real beauty in life, just to focus on what we were doing. We get caught up in our own vortex of hectic commitments, when all we need to get out of it is to breathe,walk and let mother nature give us a breath of fresh air, help us clear our thoughts, make us feel better. We need to appreciate where we are, who we are, and how we are, instead of being preoccupied with our duties. Give balance to ourselves. Take back our peace and serenity.

In other word, we just need to chill the fuck out once in a while. :)


  1. d dkt pelabuhan kk tuh, sya stop skejap utk jalan2 sorang2 hahaha

  2. td aku sangka tepi jln area likas tu. dekat sana la jgk. aku kadang2 drive petang teringin sangat singgah tepi tu. tp x semangat sbb sendiri


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