Wednesday, October 20

If Only She Knew.

Another picture taken in the Sabah's Museum toilet (yes, toilet. We weren't allowed to take pics in the museum itself lol). Model : Nadine.


  1. love the pic! great job ur talented!


    ps thanx for thes weet comment on my blog!

  2. your photography is stunning...and with a point and shoot...I'm immensely impressed! What program do you use for post processing. I rarely use anything bc I don't have photoshop and I'm just generally lazy ;) I'm not really a fan of a heavy handed approach to post processing but i think it makes your photos look quite edgy and unique. love it!

  3. Anya : Thank you so much :) and no problem :D

    Stephanie : Thank you so much :) I used Adobe Photoshop CS3 but now I've upgraded to CS5. Its normal editing actually, just play with the contrast/brightness, the colour balance and ta da! :D :D Thank you so much again, I really appreciate a long and fine comment :)


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