Monday, November 22

From Disneyland Anaheim : Paint Me.

I was sitting down and enjoying the view, while the others went somewhere to the shops, then I noticed this and wasted no time taking their picture. :) Taken in Disneyland Anaheim, California, USA. (early Summer of 2009)

ps : Amongst all the rollercoasters that exist there. The ferris wheel was by far the scariest ride I've ever riden. I shit you not. (and I think I scared some white kids with my screaming while riding it too.)


  1. menarik. gambar mat saleh mengubah suasana persekitaran. gmbr ni terasa mcm diambil oleh fotografer berbangsa mat saleh :)

  2. Terima kasih Sasa :) haha ya ka?? sbb d tanah om putih kan...apa lagi...mata pun jadi rambang ambek gambar sana sini hahaha


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