Wednesday, November 24

Inverted Point Of View.

This is Mr.Grasshopper. He's a bit shy, moves a lot, but you can tell he enjoyed the spotlight. Notice how weird the light of the grass? Its because the position of Mr.G is inverted. Meaning he is standing not on top of the plant, but on the side of it. And yeah, I think I broke a disc turning me head 90 degrees clockwise.


  1. nice shoot... (^__^)

    can i add ur link into my blog photo?
    hopefully can.. thank's ya.. hehehe.. (^__^)
    sorry for my broken english..

  2. hello Faarihin, of course you can, in fact I would be honoured :)

    Thank you so much! :D :D

  3. macam mana tu? aku kurang paham sikit.. hehe. Mr. G dalam bunga tu ka? neway, teliti ya

  4. maksudnya dia tgh berdiri d sisi bunga tu, bukan diatas, sbb tulah rumput tu lain colour. satu badan dia mereng. dan dia bukan berdiri di arah tanah, tp macam 'standing on the wall' :p

    aku pun blur skit mo explain hahaha

    Thanks Sasa! :D :D


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