Tuesday, December 14

Oh, Hi. You In Hiding Too?

That is Simba. He was falling asleep when I tried to get this shot...the girl at the corner over there is Nadine (Simba's owner). We were having our private photoshoot when Simba came in and cause fun and chaos lol. But he's an angel when he's sleepy :3


  1. So cute! I like your style. Please check my photos on http://juliephotography.blogspot.com/ if you want, you're welcome!

  2. u created such a nice photo...i am never a cat lover before,but that cat in this photo is an exception.

  3. Sasa : Thank you :)

    Julie : Thank you very much. will do! :D

    Fane Davis : haha good to know! :D thank you very very much :) :)


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