Thursday, January 20

Fragments Of Memories.

Taken during our photoshoot (with Nadine as the model) which we have delayed so many times because of my 'part-time' job. -_-" anyways here's one of the outcome. and I'm quite happy with it :) Taken near the beach on the way to Yayasan Sabah (Sabah Foundation Tower aka Tun Mustapha Tower). I still have sand in my car from the photoshoot lol. (the dress is mine btw haha)


  1. salam. hello there. your photographs are absolutely gorgeous and beautiuful =)

  2. saya selalu datang sini of yours..nak tanya..edit guna photoshop ke? macam mana guna background macam old film then daun jadi tetap hijau?

  3. Wonderful...thanks for sharing your shots!


  4. wow, nadine is stunning here!!! beautiful pictures!

  5. Hello Nurul, thank you so much ya! :D

    Hey Lu'luth :) yup I use CS3, saya main2 dgn 'selective colour' mode when I edit, thats why colour boleh berubah :)Thank you for coming here, eventhough you do it silently lol ;D

    And thank you so much for taking your time going here, Julie! :D

    haha Thank you very much, Jess! :D


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