Wednesday, February 16


Nadine. During our photoshoot in Likas Beach.  The white dress that I have never wore finally put to good use :)

So notice my new blog header? Yup. this is the original full version. Hope you guys like it! :D cheers

And I haven't say this before (probably because I have no mood or too busy to but) Thank you so much for following my blog! I extremely appreciate you people for the acknowledgement, the wonderful comments and for staying tuned to each of my posts. Thank you so much! I never thought I could reach a hundred (let alone 120) followers till this day! 0___0 still stunned and speechless till today.

Thank you so much, all of you. 



  1. this has to be one of my favourite pictures you captured! amazing...!

  2. Thank you so much, Sorlisn :) your comment brightens up my day! :D

  3. =D it's the least I can do for sharing your inspiring captured pictures.
    I'm glad I stumbled on to your blog ^^
    and you deserve much more recognition for your talent!

  4. breathtaking photos! love this one, looks like she's walking in the clouds, amazing!

  5. Thank you so much , Feda! I'm sorry I didn't see your comment so I couldn't reply earlier :(

    Thank you again :)

  6. Sorlisn, lol I'm still very much an amateur, but I really do appreciate your really does motivate me to take more and better pics :) I'm very thankful to have a steady follower (and commenter tehehe) THANK YOU SO MUCH!! :D :D :D

    xoxoxo ;D


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