Friday, March 4


My Cat. He's a Snow Shoe breed of cat. (I think.) He has the tiniest voice of any kitten could every have and I adore him to bits. He's white, fat, fluffy and in the beginning he would always hiss and would run away even when I'm 2 metres away from him. But after numerous attempts to touch him and stroke him and 'domesticate' him...He gave in and now loves to be hold :) His name is pu pu tee tee. (putih putih (it means White) as you would recognize.) but I like calling him 'poo poo tee tee' more because I'd do the cooing and he'll come running and mewing to me (in a very high pitched manner lol). He was trying to sleep when I crept in and tried to shot him in his slumber. He has a high alert radar. too high maybe lol.



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