Thursday, March 17

The Lying Down Game. And Me Playing It.

The Lying Down Game. Not many knows about it. A few people heard about it. And very little people plays it. Its probably because this game requires extreme amount of courage, balls and humour as well as creativity to produce satisfactory photos whether it looks funny, dangerous or cool. Anyway, the aim of this game is to let you run free with your imagination in order to deliver a photo that displays the unexpected humour that can  exists in the mundane and conventional places. The only rule is that you must lay down, face flat. Yes, that is the one rule you must obey.

I enjoyed my own Lying Down Game session with my friend Ella as the photographer yesterday when we were hanging out around Alamesra and Kota Kinabalu. At first she didn't really see the point but after she saw the outcome of the photos...her mind was changed. And she now wants to take pictures of me playing it more :) . Let me show you our (yes, Ella and I) first three photos.

This is the website if you want to know more :

This is when we were waiting for my car to be repaired (the radio had wiring problems). That's me....lying down praying that my car (yes, the little grey Kelisa) would not run me down. Scary I know...but It was worth it (And I have full trust on my car's handbrake lol)

This is me...parking...err.. me. We had to find a parking space that those men couldn't see. (see those guys on the right?) Didn't really like it when they stared at us in the first we had to relocate. Guess I'm not that brave enough to do the shoot heheh.
This is me...with the elevator. My friend was in the elevator when we shoot this so I didn't worry about my head getting squashed by the door. The first take we tried to do, someone saw us. and of course...we turned red as boiling lobsters. this is the second shot. (its a good thing the passer-by couldn't see my face. See? The lying down game wouldn't leave you feeling embarassed 100%.) lol

In the end, I looked at the photos with an odd and a bit embarassing amount of pride and satisfaction and I can't wait to play this game again.

My butt is huge. O____O  lol


  1. why this pic like this ya...huh...

  2. because I'm playing the Lying Down Game lol.

  3. I played that last year and it was a blast, you have some really good ones!

  4. haha! coool =P it looks like a lot of fun
    my favourite has to be the second picture.

  5. I wish I have the gut to play like this

  6. you should have reverse-parked on the second photo :)

  7. toemail : yeah and I ain't planning to stop now tehehe.

    Sorlisn : lol I do look like a human-convertible in the parking lot yeah? :p Thanks!

    Beaty : dont worry :) maybe if you bring lots of friends to do it with you then it would be fun!

    Jer : Ya kan hahahahahaha

  8. very der funny bahh.. ahaks


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