Friday, March 11

There is Nothing We Can Do..

But pray. This unfortunate accident happen during my family outing to Kundasang/Ranau. We were going from one resort to another trying to survey the hostels and chalets when we saw a house in a nearby village are burning down to the ground..I called 999 and it seems like I wasn't the only one who called...the most terrifying memory I had was when the fires grew bigger and huge puffs of smoke ascends into the air like and the shoutings from the villagers...especially from one women  that was so loud we could literally feel her suffering..I don't know whether there was any deaths but I pray to God that there isn't. This is a picture of a on-looker holding  his daughter protectively as they watched the turmoil took its toll.

And as we all know...Japan was just recently struck by an 8.9 scale earthquake with a tsunami blow...Let us all pray for the safety of everyone in Japan as well as the other countries (including my own) that is in high risk. Ameen.

Please be careful and may God be with all of us. 


  1. i've been busy all day and didn't read or hear the news about japan until a friend told me about it in the evening, and then i saw it all over the newspapers and tv for the rest of my day. i was so shocked. at first i didnt believe it, until i was told it actually happened.
    im following the live news and will pray for everyone affected.

  2. Me too :(

    I'm seriously trying to find a fund to support them through...

  3. It's just terrible what has happened to Japan. Trying to keep positive.


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