Friday, August 19

Photo Commission - Malaysian Street Food.

This was taken using my friend's (Elsie) DSLR. I couldn't use my camera at that time because my sister was using it during her stay at Melaka. So I rented my friend's Nikon D3000 for a day. I quite enjoyed playing with it but of course renting it for only a day didn't really gave me much pleasure lol 
This is a photo of  Chinese calligraphy graffiti that was made around the areas in Kota Kinabalu. These two photos are the ones I've sent to my distant cousin in America who ordered some photo commission for his new Malaysian-based food restaurant called 'Satay' . Below is the photo of his new restaurant along with my pictures hanging on the walls. This photo was taken last year or earlier this year if I'm not mistaken. :)
Their restaurant is based in Seattle, Washington. Visit their website Satay Seattle  or their facebook page  Satay Malaysian Street Food.

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