Sunday, September 5

Back To The Future, Gramps!

This is my grandpa (not directly, he's my grandma's brother (dad's side)) He was sleeping when I played with my 3D glasses I got for free with a purchase of a magazine. (Oxygen Magazine) When he woke up, I asked him to volunteer as a model for the 3D glasses. he happily said okay! :D He's always known as the easy going and humorous one in our family. And he's certainly my best grandpa (since he helped me 'stole' my dad's drum set from his office) :p (of course my dad knew once he came home, I've ask him so many times to but he was busy, so I had to bring the drum set home myself) but of course, with the help of my partner-in-crime, my grandpa. :D 


  1. Grandpa looks totally cool!
    The color green in his Flat Cap & shirt are matching with the 3D glasses

  2. Thank you so much! :) (He will be flattered to hear that lol).


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