Sunday, September 5

Pray To Allah.

Ramadhan is ending in a few more days, and it really does makes me sad because I'm really really getting the hang of it. And I was blogwalking just now, read a lot of blogs that belongs to muslims. And in some coincidence, most of them felt that Lailatul Qadar happened last night. It made me a bit happy cause last night I managed to fulfill all my 5 solah (prayers) :) but of course, Only Allah s.w.t knows. We can only do our best :) Oh, this picture was taken about a year ago, when I first bought the IKEA doll figure from Kuala Lumpur. Managed to make it pose this way and shot it. Turned out good enough for me :) and to all muslims, happy fasting! This is our special month so don't waste the chance and keep on  doing good deeds ,pray & read the Holy Quran all for His blessings and forgiveness. Salam :)

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