Saturday, August 27

A Taste of Malaysia - Part 2

I'd forgotten the names but I know they're local delicacies.

Frying bananas, which is also known as 'pisang goreng'.

If I'm not mistaken, this fellow is frying a malaysian food called the 'Murtabak' is like a square crepe with meat/chicken with veggies cookes inside, eaten with chilli sauce. Mmm :)

Food. we like em' greasy :p

Malaysia's national flower, the Hibiscus. 

All the photos except the last photo was taken at Kota Kinabalu Market, all except the last too was shot with a Nikon D3000


  1. incredible photos i like it

  2. I'm happy to be here for the first time
    Best regards from Gaza , Palestine.

  3. Great photographs all of them! Regards,

  4. Thank you so much you guys! take care! :D


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